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Bracing for Impact

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When an impact is imminent on a plane, the captain will come over the speaker and give the warning to “brace for impact” to prepare the passengers for the incoming crash. This timely warning gives each person the opportunity to put their body in the optimal position to survive the crash. They can tighten their muscles, adjust the way they’re sitting, and mentally prepare for what’s coming.

In life, however, we don’t get such clear warnings. Sometimes we can see the impact coming, but other times we are blindsided, unable to appropriately prepare beforehand, leaving us to react to the aftereffects.

Lately, I’ve been finding myself bracing for impact. I’m looking at a few different scenarios and preparing for the worst possible results. I have my eye on some people who are in fragile positions, preparing for them to lash out. I’m aware of the uncertainties in my life and am readying myself for those fragile pieces to fall apart at any moment. Recently, I have been a bundle of stress, my body constantly tense and ready for an impact.

“What if you just let go and trusted me?”

But God, what will I do if I’m not preparing for the worst? You see what I’m facing–how else do you expect me to react? 

“Just trust me.”

I’m constantly seeking ways to minimize risk, pain, and potential damage, but I recently have felt the Lord asking me why I feel the need to do that. And the truth is that it stems from this innate desire I have for control. I want to be in control of my life, managing everything as I see fit. Though it’s difficult to admit, I tend to think that if I am in control of everything then it’ll all work out fine. I think that I can handle all of the variables and extra forces, when, in reality, that’s simply not true. There’s no possible way for me to do this, but it doesn’t stop me from trying.

God is the Constant in the Chaos

The truth is that even if the worst-case scenario happens, God is still good and he’s still God. Nothing is going to change that. My position as his beloved daughter isn’t going to be revoked if things don’t go according to my plan or if I’m blindsided. More than that, all of my plotting and stressing and striving will never cover all of my bases, things will still be not as I would like them, events will still happen suddenly, and I will never have full control of everything. And that’s okay. 

Every day, I’m letting go and trusting a little bit more. I’m reminding myself that my identity is not wrapped up in my ability to accomplish things, fix problems, or prevent incoming collisions. More than that, every impact that I’m seeing around me, is an opportunity for growth and a chance for God to shave off some of the hard edges I’ve erected to keep others out. It’s a chance for me to ask for help instead of trying to manage everything on my own. And it’s a choice for me to humble myself instead of puffing myself up.

Though I see potential impacts all around, I know that my God is in control and he’s the one who fights my battles for me. All I have to do is trust and walk out next steps with wisdom, grace, and a heart of dependence.

Do you ever find yourself bracing for impact? Why?

Do you have a problem with control? How do you practice surrender?

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  1. Good word! Thank you for sharing. Yes I have found myself there with a situation with my mom over the last few months. Learning to stop enabling and stop rescuing and letting her feel the consequences of her own behavior. It’s hard but trusting God is the only way.
    Thank you again for sharing. God bless you and Happy New Year sweetie!

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