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Good Grief!

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We tend to see grief as a bad thing. It’s something we want to avoid, run away from, or pretend it doesn’t happen. But what if grief was a good thing? What if it was a God-given tool for us to use? What if it actually benefitted us and others?

What grieves you?

For years I was grieved by nothing. But now so many things grieve me. I look at the injustices of this world and my heart hurts. I see people being taken advantage of and I am filled with sorrow. I talk to people who see the worst in themselves and empathize with their pain.

I’m thankful that the things that grieve me draw me closer to God, that these stories of hurt and pain can unite unlikely people together, and that we have been given the ability to draw near through empathy. While grief is never enjoyable, I believe it can bring a closeness we might not know otherwise.

Work in Progress

I love talking with certain people because they think so differently than I do and, from them, I am able to glean a new perspective that I wouldn’t have arrived at on my own. There are many different opinions on things: coffee or tea, cat person or dog person, skinny jeans or anti-skinny jeans, the list can go on and on. One thing we all seem to agree on is our general disdain for endings. We’re subtly taught that endings are bad, but why is that? Aren’t endings, after all, just the beginning of something else?

Recently I was talking with a dear friend about this subject and our conversation caused me to pose the question:

If we better prepared for endings, would we leave better? 

My answer is “yes”. I think we would be able to leave well if we go into a situation planning for an ending. This…

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