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Leaving the Comfort Zone Behind

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I don’t like talking about myself. That might seem a bit shocking to write on a blog where I talk about myself… a lot. Instead, I prefer to point conversations back to other people and learn about them. I find the lives of others so much more interesting than my own; though I’m learning that these types of conversations are a two-way street and I will, inevitably, need to talk about myself.

This is particularly problematic when launching something, like I’m doing right now. In a little less than a month, my latest book will be available for purchase which means that for the last few months I’ve been reaching out to people and asking them to read the book, review it, and share about it. Every conversation I’ve had, text I’ve sent, or email I’ve written about this has created butterflies in my stomach and made my heart race. I’ve had a moment of hesitation each time before broaching the subject, sometimes chickening out entirely.

I know I’m called to be a writer and I love having written books, I just don’t like talking about them. How weird is that?

It’s amazing how easy it is for us to dismiss things as “not for us” just because they go against our natural inclinations. It’s not natural for me to promote something that I’ve created or ask people for help. It’s so abnormal for me to form a team and work collaboratively with them. It’s uncomfortable for me to share what I’m thinking and feeling with others, whether strangers or close friends. And yet, here I am.

As I’ve been thinking about this today, I’ve wondered how many things I may have missed out during the course of my life because I thought I wasn’t cut out for it, not realizing that growth is always an option.

There are so many characters in the Bible who were forced out of their comfort zones because they dared to follow Christ. These people left homes, jobs, and their regular lives, all in pursuit of something they hadn’t done before. They went after God and his plan when others around them probably thought they were completely nuts. And each of them grew in the process. They didn’t have it all together, they made tons of mistakes, and failed consistently, but they were also right where they were supposed to be.

I tend to want to hold onto my comfort zone instead of stepping out because growth is scary and uncomfortable and sometimes painful. And yet, I’m reminded that living things grow. If I’m alive in Christ then that means that I’m growing to be more like him and less like I used to be. This means becoming more gracious, more loving, more inclusive, and more people-focused. This requires me to embrace how he sees me and believe what he says about me above my thoughts and views about myself. My comfort zone may be comfortable, but I know it isn’t the space that I’m called to occupy.

I hope we all have the courage to take a baby step outside of our comfort zones today in order to pursue those things the Lord has called us to.

Have you called something “not for you” because it was outside of your comfort zone?

How can you take a small step outside your comfort zone today?

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