Proverbs 24: Home of my Favorite Bible Verse

Proverbs 24: Home of My Favorite Bible Verse

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My favorite verse in the entire Bible is in this Proverb, so that’s what we’re going to talk about today! I remember a few years ago when I was reading through Proverbs and this verse leaped off the page at me. I sat there in awe for a few minutes as I stared at the passage, so taken by its words. Over the years, I’ve been amazed at what the Lord has taught me through it!

“Rescue those who are being taken away to death;

hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.

If you say, ‘Behold, we did not know this,’

does not he who weighs the heart perceive it?

Does not he who keeps watch over your soul know it,

and will he not repay man according to his work?”

Proverbs 24:11-12 (ESV)

Honestly, I enjoy swooping in and saving the day. I love fixing problems, and I brim with joy when I’m able to find and implement strategic solutions to make people’s lives better. Can you understand why verse 11 gets me all fired up?

I can’t rescue others before I am rescued myself.

I tend to focus on everyone—except me. I get so focused on the task(s) at hand that I neglect myself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally. My M.O. is to make myself a martyr on the altar of serving others. I think that if I can fix everyone else and all their problems, then I’ll be complete in some way. But that’s simply not the case. I’m not called to be the end-all be-all rescuer of everyone, and neither are you.

To me, being rescued looks like humbling myself and telling God and other trusted people that I need help. It means choosing to step back from things and say no to people so I’m able to take time for myself. Letting God rescue me looks like pursuing God in good times and bad and submitting to Him regardless of circumstance. It means regularly examining my life for any unhealthy or sinful patterns and putting myself in His hands to heal the things that are broken. I’m no longer allowing myself to cover up my issues by trying to fix others. I’m learning to rest in my identity in Him, rather than trying to find my self-worth in saving other people.

We’re not able to save anyone, but we can point others to the One who can.

From what have you been healed? What area is God currently restoring in you? What battles have you overcome?

Those are the areas of authority in your life. The fact that you’ve walked through illness, lack, doubt, relational breaks, recovery, or any number of other things qualifies you to help those who are still struggling with those things. That’s the beautiful power of our stories: they can encourage and empower others to take steps toward Christ.

If you’ve dealt with substance abuse, you can connect with the person who’s still battling a similar issue.

If you’ve walked through a divorce, you can help others fight that same battle.

If you praise God in the midst of a chronic condition, you will point others to Him.

If you have a strained relationship with a child, you can comfort other grieving parents.

There are so many broken and hurting people in the world today, and we’ve been given the life, hope, and love they so desperately need. With our stories, we can point people to the Rescuer who can save them from death and provide them with life. We just have to have the eyes to see others and the courage to speak up when the time comes. Our stories of rescue can be the catalyst that pushes them to the Savior.

What’s your favorite Bible verse?

How can your story of victory encourage others and point them closer to God today?

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