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I’ve learned something interesting while looking into the publishing world: editors judge your book based on the first sentence. Seriously. The first sentence of your book needs to tell them where you’re going with the story. Which is just crazy!

In novels, papers, and films, we get hints about where the work is going from the first few seconds, and the same is true about the Bible. In the first sentence of each of the Gospels we learn some about the author and a lot about who Jesus is.

I encourage you to take a few minutes and see what the first sentence or two reveals to us about the character of God. We serve a truly amazing Creator who inspired these men to write in a way that we could understand all of these centuries later.

Let’s celebrate him today!

Work in Progress

I love writing research papers. I know this is an unusual thing to say, but it’s true. I enjoy researching material and then distilling that information to educate and inform others. What I hate is the citing of material. If I could just do the research and the writing and not have to worry about citing properly, I would likely still be in school. #honestmoment

In school we’re taught how to structure a paper, but how often do we apply this same logic to other books we read? Have you ever thought about what the first few sentences of each book in the Bible reveals about the writer? More than that, what do those sentences say about God? I believe we can learn a lot about the writers of the Gospels based on the first sentences of the books they penned. Join me as we examine who each of these…

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