Celebrating Women of the Bible: Zipporah

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Lately, I’ve been aware of my out of whack priorities. It’s so easy for my priorities to get out of balance with that of the Lord’s. I can quickly get wrapped up in my own wants and desires and completely forget the things that God deems to be a priority.

Because I know this about myself, I’ve been asking him lately to show me the areas in which my priorities are wrong. In the Bible, Zipporah, while a controversial character, understood God’s priorities and responded appropriately when it mattered the most. And I pray that I have the courage to do the same in little and big ways daily.

Do your priorities line up with God’s?

How can you make his priorities a priority in your life today?

Work in Progress

Have you ever taken the time to really think about the people God chose to accomplish his will through? They certainly are a ragtag bunch and aren’t the ones I would’ve chosen — his ways are clearly better than mine and his thoughts infinitely higher than my own! I often find myself drawn to some of the most interesting characters. I always want to acquaint myself with the ones the Bible is surprisingly silent about.

Last year, I helped write a devotional that dives into the stories of 12 somewhat obscure women found in the Bible (you can check it out here). When we were first talking about women to include, my mind consistently returned to Zipporah, but we didn’t end up including her. But still, my desire to learn more about this woman who was married to Moses continued to grow. So we’re going to talk about her…

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