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It’s amazing to me how some things I’ve written come back around and just smack me upside the head. The other day, I asked God to get me out of some of the situations that I’m currently in. I would rather be doing more of certain things and less of others, but he so sweetly reminded me I’m where I’m supposed to be.

I tend to dream up all of these things that I can and should be doing but, more than anything else, God has ordered obedience. While I believe he appreciates my attempts and my displays of creativity; at the end of the day, obedience is greater than sacrifice.

Work in Progress

Have you ever gotten food that you didn’t order? Sometimes this is an exciting experience: you get your favorite dish comped or extra food brought to your table. But other times it’s a nuisance and the exact opposite of what you wanted. If the server ever brought me seafood instead of whatever land-based item I ordered, I would be severely perturbed. But this post isn’t about our food preferences.

I wonder how often we bring things to God that he never asked for.

I’m a super-duper achiever. I have to be working on 17 million things all at one time because I’m full of great ideas and I think I can accomplish all of them. When I get an idea from God, I often want to take the idea and make it as grandiose as possible. If there’s one thing he asks for, I want to make 12 of them…

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