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WTML: The Eternal Current

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I first heard about The Eternal Current because Shauna Niequist is one of my favorite authors and she was bragging about her husband’s new book. I got the book and dove into it, unsure really what to expect, but excited to learn from this new author. I so appreciate how he weaves his story throughout the book, sharing how he was at the end of his rope, the end of his faith, and how God continued to pursue him.

While I love so much about this book, I think my favorite thing is his understanding of the unique nature of every person. This isn’t a “10 Steps to Having the Perfect Spiritual Life” or a “5 Ways You Can Connect with God Better” type of book, it’s his recounting of how he has drawn nearer to God. Throughout the pages, he encourages the reader to take what resonates with them and leave what doesn’t—what kind of book does that?!

“You can do this in all your brokenness and glory. You really can. You can swim with Christ in the River of God for the sake of the world… Wherever we go, we discover that the Creator and Animator of all life is already there. We cannot not be fully submerged in the presence of God.” p.180-181

The Eternal Current is a sweet invitation for us to actively participate in our faith instead of remaining safely on the shoreline looking on at others. God doesn’t want us to just know a bunch of stuff about him, he wants us to be participants with him in faith and in life.

I don’t know about you, but it’s easy for me to check out of things. I can set myself on autopilot and just coast because I know “the right things to do”. I sure hope I’m not alone in this! This contemplative book encourages each reader to slow down and actually take stock of their lives. How are you engaging the Scriptures? How’s your prayer life? What about your church community? How are you impacting the world for Christ?

Honestly, when I read this book, it was like a kick to the face. I finally realized why I had put off finishing it for so long: it was going to really challenge me in areas that I hadn’t wanted to be challenged.

I finished reading this when I hadn’t attended church for at least two months. I was exhausted and simply didn’t want to go. The idea of getting dressed and having to deal with people on a Sunday was more than I could bear, so I just stayed home until I felt like emerging from my cave at some afternoon hour. For the first few weeks, I had legitimate excuses, but the longer this habit dragged on, the harder it was for me to even think of going back. I had gotten used to my cozy, lazy Sundays and didn’t see the real need for me to return to my church-going Sundays. This book was the dose of Truth I desperately needed to move me out of my complacency. 

“…learning to swim in the River of God for the sake of the world, needs a vision, a plan, and a community. The first two without the third won’t get us there. We can’t do it alone.” p. 145

This book is chock-full of so much wisdom and grace, I think I’ll reread it over and over again, pulling something new from it every time. The Eternal Current is a precious opportunity to learn and glean some new tools for our faith toolbox.

How are you actively participating in your faith?

Do you have a vision, plan, and a community that encourages you to swim with God?

Have you read The Eternal Current?

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