A Look at Nehemiah

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Do you have a book (or books) of the Bible that you consider your favorite? Some of my favorites include Ephesians, Proverbs, Judges, Acts, and Lamentations. But, the one that I find myself returning to, probably the most often is Nehemiah.

There is so much to learn from this incredible book not only about God and who he is, but what we as human beings are capable of when we choose to partner with him.

Last year, when I started reading through the book again for probably the millionth time, the words leaped off the page in a way that I hadn’t experienced before. And, that day alone, I wrote thousands of words all about what was contained in the pages. It was an awesome and Holy Spirit-filled moment. And then I put all that I had written to the side because I knew it wasn’t time to release what I had written.

This was a huge leap of faith for me because I tend to want to share what I’m learning and writing right away. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to wait. And, quite honestly, in the months after, I forgot about what I had written.

Then, in January, when I was planning out my blog content for the year, I got a simple reminder about this series from the Lord. And, as I was looking at the month of July, I felt the go-ahead in that sweet whisper that I’ve come to love so much.

So, for the next month, we’ll be diving into the book of Nehemiah. This isn’t going to be a verse by verse or a chapter by chapter study, it’s a little more free-form than that. Some chapters we’ll camp out in for a week and others we will spend just one day in, but I encourage you to take what you need and leave the rest. I hope and pray that, over the course of this month, each of us are able to grow deeper with the Lord, trust his voice, and embrace our unique calling right where we are today. Nehemiah is an excellent lesson leadership, trust, and the practical application of faith, and I can’t wait to dive into this with you!

What are some of your favorite books of the Bible?

What do you hope to learn from the book of Nehemiah?

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  1. I’m looking forward to reading these posts. Nehemiah had such a gift of intercession. My favorite book of the Bible is Philippians. I also love the Psalms when I’m afraid or anxious or if I’m going through difficulties.

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