A Look at Nehemiah: What are You Doing?

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We do so much throughout our days. Our lives are busy with so many different projects and tasks and things to accomplish. We have dreams and goals and to-dos that we’re pursuing at a variety of paces but we’re always doing something. Even when we’re doing nothing, we’re still likely doing something: Netflixing, cleaning the house, watching the kids, reading a book, planning world domination—you know, the usual.

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness that comes with adulting that we fail to examine what we’re doing and why we’re doing those things. And, because we often fail to examine these things, we can quickly get caught up in doing things we shouldn’t and end up missing some of the opportunities that God may have for us.

Nehemiah 3 is an incredible chapter of the Bible where we see the collaborative nature of God reflected through his people. I highly encourage you to read through it when you have a chance, I know it fires me up every time I read it.

In this chapter, we see people from all backgrounds, walks of life, skill sets, education, and socio-economic levels pitching in to accomplish the will of God. Rulers, goldsmiths, perfumers, and even women helped to rebuild the wall. People who weren’t from Jerusalem lent their talent and time to this rebuilding project because they knew it would benefit so many.

The sacrifices made by the people in this chapter are incredible! These men and women were willing to use what they had to help others and to glorify him—may we do the same!

What are you currently doing in your community?

Maybe in this season, you’re focused on raising a family, which is an incredibly honorable and important thing to do. Talk about a way to shape a community and point others to the Lord!

Maybe you’re currently single, which is an incredible blessing! Singleness is a gift and is a perfect time to intentionally serve others that you care about. It’s an opportunity to learn about an issue and devote yourself to making a difference.

Maybe you’ve lived quite a bit of life and have some free time to spare. This could be a chance to pour your expertise into the lives of younger people who are hungry to learn new skills so that they can help others.

No matter your vocation or situation, there’s something that we each have to give to the mission of God. Maybe you can’t give money, but you can donate your time. Or maybe your greatest asset is your insight and knowledge. Or maybe you have some tangible items that you can share with those in need.

A friend of mine has a heart for those who are incarcerated so she and a team goes often to speak to prisons. She works full time, goes to school, and volunteers heavily at her church but because this is a priority, she’s willing to sacrifice.

Another friend is passionate about helping women who have been sex trafficked so she volunteers at a local women’s shelter with a team giving manicures to the women there. She’s also newly married and helping run her family’s business, but despite her commitments, she continues to serve.

Yet another amazing friend of mine put her life on pause for a year to go serve with a non-profit in India. She decided to follow the call of God to another country and hasn’t been the same since.

These are just a few examples of some of the amazing things that we can do with our time, our resources, and our passions to glorify God and help others. The biggest thing is, no matter where we are or what we’re doing, that we get involved. If you’re not sure where to start, that’s perfectly fine! I would say, start with your local church and see what opportunities are in front of you. Or reach out to a local organization that addresses a need or a population that you’re passionate about. Give what you can, even if it’s outside of your expertise and see what happens.

What are you doing to help others and glorify God?

Do you feel the nudge to serve someone else in your community? How can you respond to that today?

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