Taking a Break

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Every so often, I like to take a little break from this blog so that I can rest and recharge. And, after the Nehemiah series, I’m feeling the need for another break. I’m praying and working on new series, new books, and new content to share, which I’m so excited about and can’t wait to unleash in the coming months. But, for now, I’m going to rest and listen and be still with the Lord.

It’s amazing how even a few moments to slow down and listen to God can be the recharge that we need amidst our busy lives.

I hope that you are able to find ways to rest and take breaks in your life. We’re conditioned to believe the lie that “go, go, go” is better than rest, but I wonder how much our lives would be enhanced if we took the time to obey the wise instructions to rest. I wonder what we might hear if we took the time to sit and listen, recharge and quiet ourselves.

Maybe God has been trying to tell us some things that have gotten lost in the midst of the yelling. It could be that he’s been trying to tell us to step back from something that we love or lay down something that we’re sure was him. Or, maybe this is a season where he is trying to reignite a dream in us, not to destroy us, but will give us the rest we need to do it well. Or, maybe we are in a busy season and rest seems like an impossibility.

Wherever you are today, I hope we’re all able to work and live from a place of rest instead of stress and busyness.

Do you struggle with rest?

How can you work from a place of rest today?

To go Deeper: A Brief Intermission, Resting Posture

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