Celebrating Unnamed Women of the Bible

Celebrating Unnamed Women of the Bible

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A few years ago, I posted a series on women of the Bible on this blog. Together, we dove into some well-known and some lesser-known women to see what we could learn about faith and life. I learned so much during that time and found it immensely valuable to sit and spend time with these faithful women, though I had neglected them off and on over the years during previous Bible readings.

This year, however, I want to focus on some of the most overlooked women of faith: the unnamed women of the Bible.

Though not all of their names are mentioned in the Bible, each one of these women played an important part in the narrative story as a whole. They were part of the move of God that was happening in their community. These unnamed women are incredibly encouraging to me because many people will never know my name and yet, I can be influential just like these precious women. Each one of them was loved immensely by God and has an important lesson for us to learn today.

These women, though unnamed, are not forgotten.

I hope that over the course of the next month we will each grow to understand at a deeper level the love of God in our lives. Even when we are overlooked by others, regardless of our gender, skin color, or life experience, that we will remember that we are seen and loved by the Almighty.

Our society is moving at a million miles a minute, so let’s take a few moments to slow down and sit with these stories together.

Do you ever feel forgotten or overlooked?

How does knowing that God sees you change how you behave and believe?

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