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A couple days ago, I shared about how God gave me the opportunity to walk out what I had been praying one morning. While I had been focused on macro forms of injustice that I see in the world, he gave me an opportunity to respond to an injustice in my daily life. I have big dreams of changing the world—I see so many ways that we can practically help others by improving our current systems. There are so many things that we can do today so that we leave future generations a better world than we inherited. This may sound naive, but I can so clearly see it. A fire is lit within me when I think about spiritual, relational, physical, and economic renewal in this country.

And while I have a passion for fixing things and righting wrongs, I’m unable to make those sweeping changes. I can’t introduce a piece of legislation, modify the way our healthcare system works, or strategically funnel money into a poor city. I can’t upend the education system or enact more stringent rules for corporations. And there are times when I feel discouraged that I can’t make happen the changes I want to see.

But I can start where I’m at.
After all, nothing is wasted with God.

I can’t do all of the massive things that I would love to do, but that doesn’t mean that I’m powerless. I can do something. In fact, I can do a lot. I can choose how I spend my time, my money, and my energy, putting those things to good use for the Kingdom. And I believe the same is true for you.

What are you passionate about?

I once heard a pastor say that your passion is “what makes you tick” and it’s also “what ticks you off”. And there’s an infinite number of things that we can be passionate about: creativity, the arts, helping others, education, technology, business, government, family, sports, health, nature, and there are a thousand more examples I’m sure we could come up with if we had the time. And our passions all look a little different because we are varied and unique—it’s okay if your passion looks a little different than others.

What can you do with that passion today?

Prayer is obviously a wonderful place to start, but eventually, we have to move. We can pray while we’re moving (it’s actually highly encouraged), but we can’t just do nothing.

It can feel stifling and suffocating to be stuck at home, especially if you have children cooped up in the house with you. But I think our current situation doesn’t exempt us from furthering our God-given passions. We can learn more about an issue that ticks us off. We can spend time practicing our craft or sharing what we know with others. We can get creative and see how we can support others while remaining socially separate.

It’s incredible to me that God loves us enough to give us passions. He didn’t have to give us these things that bring us joy and further the Kingdom, but he did. I think that as we pray and continue to move forward in identifying and nurturing our passions, he is honored. Let’s continue to prayerfully move forward with him!

What are you passionate about?

What can you do with your passion today?

To go Deeper: Read What Grieves You?, Holy Discontent


  1. Exactly!! If everyone would strive mightily to change their little part of the world for God, imagine what our world could be like. My own passion is ministry at my church and raising my kids – and spreading the light of Christ as best I can.

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  2. This is an inspiring post! I agree there comes a time that we “must begin.” We have the mind of Christ and when He reveals His will, He wants us to be His hands and feet to get that will done! Have a blessed day!😊

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