WTML: Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire

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I’m incredibly intrigued by the Twitterverse. It’s a truly odd space to spend time in, even by social media standards. On Twitter we can find pretty much anything we want and many, many things that we just don’t want. Thanks to this very special social media platform I discovered Jen Hatmaker, a Christian author and speaker who I might never have found otherwise. When I saw she released a new book during quarantine, I went and bought myself a copy.

Fierce, Free, and Full of Life is just as the title sounds. There are so many stories told in this book, all with vibrancy and color that make them even more fun to read. There is no question that Jen is sure of herself and sure of who God made her to be—she isn’t afraid to display her glorious self and boldly encourages each reader to do the same.

“There is room for you, just the right amount. There is room for others, just the right amounts. There is an endless supply of portions. Settle right into your skin, dear one. What a great delight you are. Be content and proud of your range, the lane you thrive in, the capacity in which you blossom.” p. 35

Our whole world is designed to make us question ourselves, compare what we have to what others have, and conform to what we’re being told is “popular” or “right” or “the norm” at any given time. Often we are told that we’re “too” this or that and that we should be more like her or him or them. (Now, there are times when this is given in a life-giving and loving way and that’s a different conversation for a different day.)

The truth is that God made each one of us with intention and care. None of us are accidents, nor were we haphazardly thrown together. The Lord knew exactly who he called us to be and what he longs for us to do in this world and he made us accordingly. Some of us are loud and outspoken, others are quiet and reserved, and many are on the spectrum in between. We all have varied interests and levels of passion with which we express them; and all are incredibly beautiful.

Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire reminds us that we are uniquely made by a God who loves us. He created us as individuals with purpose and dreams and callings. He also made us to walk out our purpose in relationships and within the beautiful, complex tapestry of humanity. This book encourages us to look at ourselves, without the noise of what the world says to and about us, and celebrate how God made us.

Jen shares her healing journey with us and invites us to go on our own journey of growth and self-discovery. She’s bold and opinionated, but goes out of her way to make sure that those of us with different personalities (like me) don’t feel pressured to be just like her. I’m impressed by her ability to share her story without making me feel less than for having a different story with different goals and a different way of achieving them.

Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire is a celebration of life and the beauty of God’s creation: you and me. This book is filled with entertaining anecdotes and profound truths that I believe we all can benefit from.

Have you read Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire?

Do you ever feel like you need to conform to some other version of you? That you won’t be accepted for who God made you be?

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