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Last month, I released a new devotional, Thankful: Moving from Superficial Gratitude to a Lifestyle of Thanksgiving.

We’re living in a pretty tumultuous time; every time we turn on the news, there’s some report on the instability in the nation and the world. Potential dangers from the inside or threats from the outside seem to lurk around every corner. There always seems to be something to fear. As we look at the bad news around us, it’s so easy to begin to worry and stress about the future. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, let alone what five, ten, or fifteen years from now has in store for us.

Amid overwhelming uncertainty, I’m grateful that we can remain confident in God.

When the future looming in front of me is dark and foggy, and I can’t see what’s up ahead, I know that there are certain truths I can stand on. I can trust in God’s character even when everything around me seems shaky and unsure.

What are some things about God that you’re certain about? Even if you can only think of one or two, these truths can help anchor us during difficult or uncertain times.

Here are the certainties at the top of my mind:

God loves me.
He has a plan for me.
He has forgiven me.
He has welcomed me.
He is pleased with me.

Over the years, I have been learning that what we believe about God and ourselves are linked. If I believe that God is good and what He says about me is true, then my perspective about myself will naturally begin to change. The more I pursue God, the more I will operate like a child of God instead of a person fending for myself. As I seek Him more, my beliefs will change. As my beliefs change, my behavior changes.

Sometimes—a lot of times—I have to take what God says about me in faith. What He says about me doesn’t always match what I see, so I have to remind myself of these certainties.

What are the things about you that you are certain about? Not the negative lies that can become ingrained in our minds, but the truths God says about us. 

Here are the certainties at the top of my mind:

I don’t have to work for God’s favor.
I can give and receive love.
I am not defined by my past.
I am free and I can live like it.
I am righteous because of Christ.

The uncertainty in the world will never change. We won’t ever know our future completely—God doesn’t provide a 10-step plan for us, making it painfully obvious what we are to do. But in uncertain times, we can cling to the truths found in God’s word. We can know that He loves us immensely, that He will finish what He started in us, and desires the best for us because we are His beloved children.

When I look at the assurances contained in God’s word, I can’t help but be thankful. The fact that we can be anchored in God instead of being blown about by the constantly changing circumstances in life is something that’s worth celebrating.

What have your certainties revealed about your beliefs?

How do the truths in God’s word stir up gratitude in you?

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