God is Still on the Throne

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It seems like New Years was an eternity ago. So many people were convinced that 2020 was going to be “their year” with absolutely no idea what was going to come in the months ahead. Honestly, I’m exhausted by this year and we’re only in July. We’re a little over halfway through the year and the amount of fatigue and anxiety I have been feeling on a daily basis seems to just be increasing. The unknown is looming before us and fear is lurking on all sides, and yet we’re not without hope.

In this season, I keep returning to Psalm 29:10-11, which says:

The Lord sits enthroned over the flood;
    the Lord is enthroned as King forever.
The Lord gives strength to his people;
    the Lord blesses his people with peace.” 

Can you take a moment and imagine this verse? If you close your eyes, what do you picture?

For me, verse 10 conjures a powerful image. Right now the world is suffering through tragedy after tragedy, and all of these things are like harsh rapids, rushing waves, beating up against his throne. The sea is raging below; it’s strong enough to make any of us go under. I imagine the legs of God’s throne as strong and sturdy. No matter how much the water bashes against the legs with all its fury and might, no damage is done. Even after months, years, decades, and centuries of the raging floods beating against the strong and sturdy throne, there’s zero erosion. His rule and his reign are secure and nothing and no one will ever be able to change that.

I love that Psalm 29 doesn’t end there. Over the years, human beings have understandably developed some trust issues when it comes to authority. There have been some wonderful and benevolent rulers, but there have also been horrific despots and selfish tyrants. So this idea of God being an immovable eternal ruler could be a terrifying concept if you don’t know his character.

Verse 11 helps us understand who this eternal being is. He doesn’t use his rule to harm people. He’s not a tyrant or a dictator parading around demanding his way, demeaning his people, or subjecting them to suffering. He is a good, loving, and gracious father who strengthens his people. He makes peace—supernatural peace—available to us when it shouldn’t be possible.

How does that make you feel?

This has been an incredibly trying year, and yet I still have this kernel of hope underneath it all because our God is so good. He’s not out of touch sitting on his lofty throne, he sees our struggles, he knows our fears, and he sticks by us through it all. When we draw near to his eternally-secure throne of grace, he takes our anxiety and replaces it with peace. We just have to be willing to come to him.

I am so grateful that we serve a great God who is eternal and compassionate, secure and gracious. In the middle of a turbulent time, these verses are a reminder that he is ultimately worthy of our trust.

What verses are you finding particularly comforting in this season?

How does knowing the character of God affect your perspective?

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