Pray for All People: Day 3

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Yesterday, we prayed for the national government and today I want each of us to pray for our local governments. While so much of our news here in America is focused on what happens in Washington, a lot of important decisions rest with our local governments.

Sadly, many of us don’t even know the names of our local or state representatives. We don’t know who is making the decisions for our cities and our towns. Honestly, I didn’t know the name of my town’s mayor until I started typing out this post. I had to go do a Google search (no shame!).

Will you join me in praying specifically for these men and women who are serving our communities?

Today, I am praying for:

  • My local government
  • Wisdom for these leaders
  • Strategically timed divine appointments

Do you think knowing the names of local officials will help you pray for them more often?

What is God saying to you?

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