Pray for All People: Day 12

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What if the weeks leading up to a national election were a time of unification instead of division?

I know that it’s an insane notion, but that is the question that keeps just rolling around in my head.

In November, as a nation, we will come together to cast votes for who we believe should be leading this country. It is an immense responsibility that we have and, I believe, it’s something to be celebrated. What if we could disagree but not be divided? What if we celebrated this opportunity we have to choose our leaders?

It breaks my heart that politics is (and has been) dividing this nation, communities, and even families. It’s sad that we look like the Divided States of America.

Today I am praying for:

  • Unity in my nation
  • Empathetic, compassionate, and kind conversations between family members, friends, and strangers, both in-person and online
  • Justice and righteousness to win the day

Do you think your country is growing more divided? What do you think can be done to stop the division around us?

What is God saying to you?


    1. I have been amazed by how many people are leaning in and praying around this country this month. On other blogs and in conversations with friends, there is a clear call to prayer in the church right now. Thanks for joining in!

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      1. This is true! I attended the 2020 Prayer Walk for America in Washington, D.C., with Franklin Graham a couple of weeks ago! I was amazed at the stories I heard from people like myself who felt compelled to attend. There were tens of thousands of prayer warriors from all over the USA to pray for America.

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