Pray for All People: Day 13

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When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor. But not just any doctor, I wanted to be a brain surgeon. In first grade, I was certain that was going to be my chosen profession in life. Thankfully, for the good of all humanity, God had other plans for me.

Those in the medical field have been highly respected for years, but I think that 2020 has caused that respect to skyrocket for the majority of people. I have learned about positions in the medical field that I didn’t know existed and have listened to some very dedicated experts in their field. These courageous men and women are tirelessly working to keep us safe and make us well. They sacrifice so much to help us, to care for us, and to help heal us.

Today I am praying for:

  • Medical professionals
  • Strength and hope for those working on the frontlines of this public health crisis
  • Wisdom and protection as they choose to put themselves in harm’s way

What is God saying to you?

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