Pray for All People: Day 17

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Last month, I watched a documentary called Boys State in which a thousand teenage boys went through a week-long exercise in forming their own government. It was an interesting experiment and quite something to watch. It was really uncomfortable for me to witness these kids engaging in political mud-slinging. But it was a fascinating look at politics.

While watching, I had to keep reminding myself that these are real people. They aren’t characters conceived by some writer and their comments aren’t scripted—they are real human beings.

I wonder how many of us forget that the people on the other side of our screens are real human beings. It’s so easy for me to twist a political leader I don’t like into some supervillain who should be defeated at all costs. As much as I hate to admit it, even the person I disagree with the most is a human being with a soul. They have dignity, agency, inherent worth, and were created in the image of God. They are precious, valuable, and important, even if I don’t like them.

Today I am praying for:

  • National leaders (specifically the ones I don’t like and don’t agree with)
  • That God would reveal to them who he is, who they are in him, and what he created them to do
  • For wise people who are lead by God to come into their lives and speak truth to them

How do you think our prayers and actions might change if we remembered the humanity and worth of every person?

What is God saying to you?


  1. When I think about this subject I try to remember that one of the very last things that Jesus did was wash Judas’s feet. And that they ate together. And that I will never look into the eyes of another person that Jesus didn’t die for.

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