Pray for All People: Day 26

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When COVID really started to spread in my region and we were forced back indoors, I knew that working from home would be a problem for me unless I took some strategic steps to care for myself. One of the most important things that I started doing was doing on walks at least once a day to make sure that I was getting out of the house, moving, and caring for my mental, emotional, and physical health. A bonus was that I was able to explore the area around my apartment which includes a lake and a few different parks—jackpot!

Some days on my walks around the neighborhood, I’m processing through my day or dreaming about tomorrow. Other days, I’m just focused on whatever podcast I’m listening to, fully engrossed in the subject at hand. And other days I’m really present in what I’m doing. And, honestly, those are my favorite walks. It’s so refreshing to take the time to slow down, look at my surroundings, praise God, and pray for my neighborhood.

So I want to encourage you to join me in praying for your neighborhood, whatever that might look like. You might be in a crowded area filled with apartment complexes or you might be the only house for 3 miles—whatever your neighborhood looks like, let’s intercede for the people living there. And, if you are able, go on a walk today and pray over your neighborhood. Engage in a dialogue with the Holy Spirit and pray for individual houses or apartments as you pass them. Pray over people as they are walking their dogs, biking with their kids, or zooming by in their cars. Go on a little adventure with God today, praying as you go.

Today I am praying for:

  • My neighborhood as I go on my walk(s)
  • God to be glorified in my area
  • The people living here to be known for serving and loving one another

What is God saying to you?


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