Pray for All People: Day 32

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Honestly, I’ve been having such fun praying daily with you that I wanted to have one extra day!

In Letters to The Church, Francis Chan writes frequently about the church in China. He shares a number of stories in which he visited these faithful believers and was amazed by their faith in Christ. It was really sobering when he contrasted his conversations with them with those that we have in America.

A friend recently shared with me that in parts of Asia, Jesus is showing up in mosques and people are coming to Christ in droves. That the light is overcoming the darkness in various nations in the region. Revival is happening.

I share these two examples because I feel called to pray for the global church, specifically the persecuted church. God is doing something powerful and exciting in regions where it is illegal to worship Jesus. He is showing up powerfully in peoples’ homes and is making himself known. Righteousness, faith, and love are being stirred up in some unlikely places. People of every nation, tribe, and tongue are coming to know him and make him known.

Today I am praying for:

  • The persecuted church
  • Blessing, strength, and boldness as believers around the world seek God
  • Revival in nations around the globe

Check out Letters to the Church for a really challenging look at what the Bible says about the church!

What is God saying to you?

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