Looking Back at my Favorite Posts of 2020

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Often, we wait until January to look back on the previous year. But, because time has lost all meaning for me, I want to start the reflective process a bit early. 2020 has been filled with heartbreak, grief, and awakening like I never expected. There have been moments of immense horror and sorrow and unequaled joy. More than anything, this year, with all its many trials, has forced me to draw nearer to God. As if pulled by a magnet, I have felt him beckoning me closer to him—something I’m incredibly grateful for.

Let’s set this month aside to remember together. 

This year, I have done a ton of writing. I have done a few month-long series like Unnamed Women of the Bible, Pray for All People, Characteristics of the Kingdom, and Fruitful.
I also wrote a bunch of shorter series including: Micah 6:8 and Followership

Also, this year, I released two devotionals—something I did not expect to do. Thankful is all about cultivating a spirit of gratitude all year round—thanksgiving is not just reserved for November. And, just a few days ago, I released Behold, a devotional all about seeing and savoring God. I hope both of these devotionals are encouraging, inspiring, and challenging for those who read them.

My aim is that these would encourage us to draw nearer to Christ.

So this month, I’m going to take a break from writing and will be resharing some of my favorite posts from 2020. There’s been a lot to complain and be angry about this year, so I want to look back at some of the good things that have happened. I want to celebrate the goodness of God and dig back into some of the stories and fresh revelation he provided that helped get me through this year. I want to adopt a posture of gratitude as we finish out the year. 

What stands out in your mind about 2020?

What can you be grateful for or celebrate that happened during this year?

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