Looking Back: Mourning Time

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We could put many labels on this particular year, but I would be a proponent for “mournful” or “grief-filled” to be in the running. Everywhere we look, there’s something that can and should be mourned. I think taking some time to mourn as we enter into the final stretch of the year would likely do us some good.

What have you mourned this year?

How has grieving affected your life? How has it affected the church?

To go Deeper: Read How Are You Doing?The Unity of Grief
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Work in Progress

I was born in 1990, which makes me a millennial. My generation gets a lot of bad press, especially these days, but I think there’s also a lot of good that can come from us. We’re no longer the college kids who are out there partying and living on social media; now we’re the generation managing growing debt and obligations and escaping on social media. There are many people younger than us who are looking to us and many people older than us looking back at us.

Any time something happens in the government, economy, or the world, I think about what my generation is going to be left to deal with. We inherit what the previous generation leaves to us, whether we like it or not. So, the other day, as I was processing through what it might look like to rebuild the economy and our society after the…

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