Looking Back: Why Do We Pick on Martha?

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Martha is one of my favorite Bible characters. She’s one of those who I completely empathize with—as a high achiever whose love language is acts of service, Martha is my girl!

Though she has been picked on over the years in many different sermons, I think that she’s a great example of a faithful woman. She’s known by a moment of intense stress, but her life as a whole was radically changed by an encounter with Jesus. She loved him so deeply and passionately and he was endlessly patient with her.

Thankfully, Jesus extends the same love and kindness to us today. When we’re stressed and at the end of our ropes, he reminds us of who he is and that we don’t have to strive for his affection, attention, or pleasure.

How have you experienced the kindness of Jesus in your life?

Are there any Bible characters that stand out to you?

To go Deeper: Check out Behold and spend time seeing and savoring God! He longs for our presence, not our busyness, let’s spend time enjoying him!

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Work in Progress

If you’ve been in Christian culture for any length of time, you’ve probably heard a sermon preached about two sisters: Mary and Martha. Mary is known as the devoted one who took the time to sit at Jesus’s feet. Martha is known as the worker-bee who got annoyed when her sister was listening instead of being a good hostess.

I’ve always identified more with Martha than with Mary. It’s very hard for me to slow down and just be. I would much rather be doing something—anything—to be productive. I enjoy working and if something needs to be done, usually I can make it happen. This can be an incredible strength when it is used appropriately, but can also lead to some unhealthy behavior that I have to constantly be aware of.

I realized, even during this season of immense slowness, that I’m still finding my identity in what I do…

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