Looking Back: He Went Out of His Way

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The Bible is filled with stories of God wanting to be with his people. He could’ve easily stayed up in heaven, leaving us to our own devices down here, but he didn’t. Instead, he actively seeks us out. He has always sought out an intimate relationship with his people.

This thread runs through the life and ministry of Jesus—he took the uncomfortable path to find and love the most unloveable. He went out of his way for me. And I am reminded that because he went out of his way for me, I can choose to go out of my way for others.

Do you believe Jesus went out of his way for you?

How does the knowledge that Jesus went out of his way for you change how you live?

Because Jesus went out of his way for me, I can go out of my way for others. Join me in strategically and prayerfully planning our Mission-Driven 2021

Work in Progress

When I run errands (or go anywhere, really), I try to find the most efficient route possible. If I have to make multiple stops, I’m going to make sure that they’re completed in the correct order so that I maximize my time and don’t waste extra energy back-tracking or going out of my way when I don’t need to. Because this is the way that I do things, I’m amazed that not everyone follows the same patterns that I do. Some people don’t plan ahead and end up going with the flow. Or they like to use the errand-running or shopping time for moseying—not me.

When I read the Bible, I assume that Jesus traveled the same way that I do. He was on the biggest and most important rescue mission ever, so I believe a lot of strategic planning was done at every stage of his journey. Every move…

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