Looking Back: Moving From Self-Preservation to Servanthood

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This “self-preservation to servanthood” mentality has been heavily on my mind this year. I’m so used to looking out for myself and my needs that self-preservation is a normal way of life for me. It tends to be my M.O.

But I’ve been trying to filter my actions more and more through the question of “Is this action loving my neighbor?” It’s a simple question that can make all the difference in how we live.

As we close out the end of the year, when things don’t look like we wanted or expected them to, I believe we can still choose the path of servanthood in a world obsessed with self-preservation.

Can you become preoccupied with self-preservation?

How can you practically adopt a posture of servanthood today?

To go Deeper: Read Sacrificial Life, Being the Church

Throughout the Bible, God calls us to serve “the least of these.” Join me in strategically and prayerfully planning our Mission-Driven 2021! 

Work in Progress

With COVID-19 on the loose, we have all had to adapt to a new normal, including going to church online. Honestly, this season is giving me a whole new perspective on what it means to “not neglect meeting together,” as Hebrews 10:25 tells us to do. I’m so incredibly grateful for the technology that we currently have that we can do church from the safety of our own homes and we can encourage each other wherever we are.

A few weeks ago, my pastor said something in his online message that has stuck with me ever since. He admonished us to move from self-preservation to servanthood.

It’s natural for our bodies to go into self-preservation mode during this season. A virus is running rampant throughout the world and we don’t want to catch it. We take on a fight or flight instinct that is part of our bodies’ natural defense…

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