Looking Back: You of Little Faith

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It’s amazing how my perception of a Bible story can change so dramatically over time. I used to read the story of Jesus silencing the winds and the waves in a completely different light than I do today. I used to believe that Jesus’s pronouncement that the disciples were “of little faith” was out of frustration and anger. But what if it was out of love?

When I read this story through the lens of love and kindness, it takes on a whole new meaning.

 The same Jesus who spoke lovingly to the disciples, speaks kindly to us today.

How do you read the story of Jesus silencing the wind and the waves?

Do you believe that Jesus speaks kindly to you?

To go Deeper: Read Marvelous Faith, The Building Blocks of Faith

Check out His Story: A Devotional on the Character of God!
We can face the storms of life confident in who our God is.

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Work in Progress

Faith is something that’s always intrigued me, maybe because it’s one of those things that I’ve never seen as my strong suit. I’m a pretty skeptical human being and I naturally question most things. Rarely do I take anything at face value—I need some proof or I need to trust the source before I will adopt something as truth. During pretty much any sermon, I will have a question about something the communicator is saying that I will jot down to have to look into later. My faith in the Lord has grown over time as I’ve walked with him, but I’m still growing and learning daily.

Matthew 8 is a chapter that really caught my eye the other day as I was studying for another book that I’m currently writing. A powerful contrast is made in this chapter that I don’t think that the disciples or anyone around Jesus…

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