Looking Back: The Disobedient Prophet

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The book of Jonah is one my favorites. Not only do we clearly see our own propensity for disobedience and sin, but we see the immense grace of God.

Like the rest of the Bible, even when the story seems to be about a person, it’s really pointing us to God’s character. He didn’t just pursue a prophet who was on a disobedient joy ride. He was after the hearts of the sailors who charted Jonah’s voyage. And he loved a city full of terrorists—changing an entire nation in a day.

Our God passionately pursues us, even when our hearts are far from him. Let’s choose to run to him today.

What stands out to you in the book of Jonah?

How has God pursued you?

To go Deeper: Read Disobedient Prophet: Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

This year, I realized that I had been disobedient, just like Jonah. There were some passages that I hadn’t been taking seriously, but I don’t want to continue to live in disobedience. Join me in strategically and prayerfully planning our Mission-Driven 2021!


Work in Progress

One day, while I was praying about what to post about during this difficult season, I was reminded of the book of Jonah. We’ve all heard the story of Jonah before: a dude disobeyed God and got swallowed by a giant fish. It’s a story I have taught in Sunday School (more than a few times) and it always makes for a lot of fun! But I wonder how often we actually take the time to read this book and think through all of its meaning.

As an emotional runner and a natural rebel, I’ve often found sympathy for the disobedient Jonah. I have often been both convicted and encouraged by this short book. But as I examined it again, I saw something that I’m not sure I’ve ever seen before. In the past, I have been so focused on Jonah’s desire to run and God’s pursuit of the prophet…

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