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Pray for All People

Filled with specific prompts, guided prayer, and space to write, Pray for All People is an opportunity to take God at His Word and partner with Him in prayer. For 60 days, let’s obey God’s Word by seeking His face on behalf of people around the globe.

Rebuilding With God

The book of Nehemiah has long been seen as a book on leadership. But this prophetic book of the Bible is about much more. 

In this 40-day study, we examine what it practically means to co-labor with God and His people. 


Behold is an invitation to simply sit with God. Spend time with Him. Enjoy God’s presence. For 40 days, let’s sit with the Lord, enjoy Him, and choose to be in awe of Him.

Let’s taste and see His goodness together!

A Proverb A Day

In a world of increasing choices, we need wisdom more than ever.

Through thought-provoking questions, honest stories, and space for reflection, this devotional will help you connect with the One who is infinitely wise.

His Story

What does the Bible have to say about His character?

Together, we dive into 30 characteristics of God so that we can be anchored in the truth of who He is when the storms of life come our way.

My Story

In this interactive study, we remind ourselves of the truth of our identities according to God’s Word.

We are more than what we do; in Christ we are loved, welcomed, accepted, and so much more!