Let Us Pray

How many times do you hear the sentence “let us pray” in a church service? In my experience, this is typically said 3-4 times: once by the worship leader at the end of their set, once at the end of the tithe nugget, once by the speaker at the beginning of their message and again at the end of the message.

It’s clear that prayer is important; we talk about it a lot, but how often do we cover the basics of prayer? 

Earlier this year, my friend did a 21 day prayer campaign in which we joined together with hundreds of people all praying against human trafficking. It was amazing working with her on picking the topics for the prayers, scriptures to go along with them, and a few key points we wanted everyone to agree upon. Then, when we joined in prayer with others we were able to see prayers answered and the hand of God move mightily.

For months, I have felt the urge to write a series about prayer but I didn’t want to ask people to pray for certain things. I would begin to compile a list of topics only to discard it, though they are all things we should be praying. I believe we’re supposed to pray for our families, communities, churches, states, countries, and the world in general. I am a big believer in standing with and supporting a dear friend in prayer when they need, but we’re not going there. Instead, I want us to discuss what I like to call the “wh’s” of prayer.

Who does it?
What is it?
Where do we do it?
When do we do it?
Why do we do it?
How do we do it?

We’re going to dive into the Bible and see what it says about prayer, what it is and what it isn’t.

As we go through the next 30 days, I encourage you to keep a prayer journal. Now, before you start protesting, let me say that I am truly terrible at keeping something like a journal. I’m not a very consistent person and I stink at doing things daily. But, I am going to challenge myself to do this. I am going to set aside time each morning with my journal to pray and listen. I believe that if we are intentional about our prayer time with the Lord we will see our world change before our eyes.

I hope you join me as we learn more about the amazing privilege we have called prayer.

If you don’t have a prayer journal, you can download one here.
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