Pull Up a Chair

I often laugh at the course of my life. I’m naturally an introvert and am rather skilled at pushing people away. When things begin to go wrong my first instinct is to isolate myself and protect myself from the “danger” or “threat” I’m perceiving.

But now I’m writing about community.

Over the past few months I’ve had to be really intentional about creating spaces for community. When you go from working every day with your friends to working by yourself, it’s a huge adjustment. I’ve learned that I can still experience the friendships and camaraderie that I had come to know and love. In fact, my relationships are even better now that I have to be intentional with them. I’m so thankful for this.

Have I failed over the past few months? Yes, of course. But with each blunder I’ve learned a little bit more about myself and the art of doing life with others.

So now, here we are. This month we’re going to be diving into this concept of community and what that practically looks like as told by the stories in the Bible and through our own experiences.

As we dive in, I encourage you to examine the role that community has played in your own life. Visit sarahjcallen.com/community to download the free PDF Community: You’re Welcome at the Table.

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