Ooh, Let me Fix that for You!

What do you do when someone you love or care about is racing into a head-on collision? What do you do when someone is about to make a detrimental mistake?

My first instinct, of course, is to jump in and be a hero, but what if that’s not the right answer? What if, instead of fixing someone, we’re just supposed to love them?

Go Team!

You, with your specific gifting and life experience, are valuable to the Body of Christ. It’s so tempting to look at the gifts of others and become envious of what they have or have been afforded. But that’s the wrong perspective, but an easy trap to fall into. Instead of being jealous of another person, what if we devoted that energy toward practicing and honing the gift that God has given us?

Shut Up, Siri!

I put my faith in my GPS, trusting that it will get me to my destinatioan, yet often I don’t want to do what it’s saying. As I drove around in the darkness, getting lost and frustrating Siri, I thought to myself “I wonder how many times I do this to God”. How often do we pray and ask God for directions, but then refuse to follow his voice?