Each day we’re faced with many choices, but there’s one that influences all the others: thankfulness or ungratefulness. I struggle with this constantly. I am, by nature, a glass half-empty person, and will often see all of the negatives or everything that’s wrong before I see the things that are right or good. But this isn’t the way we’re supposed to act as God’s children. I believe that we’re called to acknowledge the negatives but not allow them to become our focus. I have come to firmly believe that we’re supposed to see everything through the lens of thankfulness.

The month of November is known for many things including: elections, cooler temperatures, time with family, pumpkin decor, and thankfulness challenges on social media. Historically, I’ve appreciated what these people were trying to do, but I was more frustrated at seeing the same things cluttering up my feed. This year, however, I feel the need to encourage thankfulness every day.

This year in particular is filled with mixed emotions for many people, with the prevailing and loudest voices being the most negative. I think we can change that. With a collective voice we can change the narrative and the tone of our message by making sure it’s dripped in thankfulness. Even on our hardest day, and heading into the holidays we tend to face some of the hardest, we can still find something, even if it’s only one thing, to be thankful for.

Each day in the month of November I will be posting something that I’m thankful for. I encourage you to do the same, whether you express your grateful heart by starting each day with a prayer or mantra of thankfulness, sharing what you’re thankful for with friends or family, or posting it on social media. The medium you use to express yourself is less important than the thankfulness you’ll be sharing. No matter how you decide to do it, let’s be a people who are known for being thankful each and every day, regardless of circumstance.

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